Ready to Scale to $10 Million?

The first step to get through the 7 Figure Desert is to figure out if your business model can actually get to $10M or not. 
By using the Bottleneck Breakthrough Method we will quickly find out if your business can be scaled to $10M+, or if you should make it a Cash Cow.


Apply below if you're ready to grow past the 7 Figure Desert.

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Application Process

Application Questionnaire

The application walks through the 6 Levers of Growth to give me a starting point as to where your biggest bottleneck might exist. None of the questions are meant to make you feel overwhelmed or ashamed for not already having certain pieces in place. So just answer them honestly since there’s no judgement.

You can start the application at the top of this page, but I encourage you to read through the rest of the process first.

Bottleneck Breakthrough Call

If your answers in the application reveal a possible fit for me to help you, we’ll spend an hour going over your possible bottlenecks. We’ll reference the Bottleneck Matrix to help uncover bottlenecks based on your current revenue and business model.

By the end of the call, you’ll have clarity about your bottlenecks and how I can help fix them to add profit and lower stress immediately. 

The goal is to add $100k in new profits within 90 days as a test to see if getting to $10M is feasible.


Your onboarding revolves around establishing the Profit Priorities for the bottlenecks we identify. The goal is to find the opportunities that combine the highest upside, lowest risk, and quickest time to completion, and then pursue those first.

That's how we'll unlock $100k in new profit so quickly.

And you'll be able to revisit the Profit Priorities anytime, ensuring the most profitable (and sustainable) actions are always pursued.