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Joshua Long is a business consultant who assists million dollar and up B2B companies and organizations break through stagnating revenue plateaus and unlock rapid growth.

Combining experience as marketing director for Business Breakthrough International (BBI), a business development enterprise owned by Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins, with his own entrepreneurial and consulting work, Josh developed the Bottleneck Breakthrough Method (BBM). BBM is a consistently reliable method to reintroduce business growth, fuel sustainable revenue, and reduce the risk of wasted capital.

Focused on pairing marketing with a systems approach for sustainable results, Josh has also worked closely with thought leaders like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Perry Marshall. Josh holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from CSU Fresno.

His book, titled Bottleneck Breakthrough details and describes his technique and offers valuable, approachable advice for executive teams, B2B entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and others interested in pushing past stalled revenue numbers.

Released on November 1, 2017, Bottleneck Breakthrough is available in hardcopy and electronically through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

The Book

Business development expert Joshua Long’s new book, Bottleneck Breakthrough, delivers on its promise to identify and resolve the business bottlenecks that strangle revenue and shut down growth.

Aimed at executive teams, organizations, and B2B owners with enterprise values from $1 million and up, Bottleneck Breakthrough stands out among business marketing books by delivering a method and the tools to diagnose what is wrong—and fix it.

A longtime business growth consultant, Long is an entrepreneur and former marketing director for BBI, the development company owned by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. More than the next business marketing book, Bottleneck Breakthrough takes a systems approach to diagnose and remediate business blockages.

Long’s book is a training manual and guidebook for business owners to analyze bottlenecks, identify deterrents to success, and apply structured solutions to reboot growth and revenue. Long’s work gives owners and entrepreneurs the capability to work with the unique drivers of their own difficulties, and learn how to move through each one successfully, and profitably.

Common bottlenecks include the “one million dollar plateau”, where businesses achieve consistent revenue numbers, but fall back, and the inevitable stall that occurs when an owner is overcommitted and unable to drive more profit. Long observes small business growth is generally not a predictable 5% or 10% each year, but can be fast and significant—when roadblocks to profit are cleared.

Long’s methodology in Bottleneck Breakthrough aims at operational optimization and risk reduction, often through testing, to avoid lost capital and wasted energy. Too often owners endlessly try shiny new solutions without taking a ruthless look at how worn-out processes and root problems are derailing revenue and growth. Long’s book offers frank talk about misconceptions around growth, and counsels revenue plateaus are not an endpoint, but a launching ground for increased profit and more sustainable growth.

Available for interview, Joshua Long is a consultant, and entrepreneur whose book Bottleneck Breakthrough is available electronically and in hardcopy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

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